More Than Ordinary Choices – 1½ minute read

“I’m going to prison,” the father of three told us. The businessman had committed a white-collar crime, something about taxes that only an accountant might understand.

His wife stood beside him. “I . . . am . . . so . . . angry . . . at . . . him,” she said through clenched teeth. Soon she would have three children to care for alone and without a source of income. Even after his release from prison in about three years, the family’s upper-middle-class livelihood had been destroyed.

The occasion was a two-day Christian marriage conference we led in North Carolina. The husband had made a poor choice, and the entire family would suffer for it. Although God can work miracles, survival of their marriage seemed unlikely as well, compounding the future grief. Poor choices can prevent people from leading the lives they desire.

Every moment separates our lives into before and after. Some moments divide our lives into never-before and always-after. Many of those life-changing moments are based on the choices we make. God allows us to make choices through free will. Most awake moments include minor decisions. Some decisions are more consequential and will affect the remainder of our lives. Making good choices at those moments is for our good and ultimately reflects on God as we represent Him in this world.

Having observed the results of choices we wrote a biblical life-skills book, More Than Ordinary Choices: Making Good Decisions.   Amazon

Drew Coons

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